Wednesday, 2 October 2013

ROCK STEADY: Rhythm of the NDTC crafts melodic music melding the original and the traditional

TEAM PLAYERS: The NDTC musicians, a local band with a global heartbeat.

Few contemporary, home-bred Jamaican bands can match the virtuosity and all-round snazzy appeal of the live musical band that accompanies the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC) each season. An eight-member aggregation, led by Musical Director Ewan Simpson, they go by The Rhythm of the NDTC, a moniker that couldn't be more appropriate, given their penchant for crafting infectious rhythms that span multiple genres and continents. In other words, a local band with a global heartbeat.

The Rhythm of the NDTC brought their artistic brio (and a sense of fun, lively entertainment) to the Bank of Jamaica's September incarnation of the Lunch Hour Concert Series last weekend, delivering a set of instrumental pieces, equal parts melodic and memorably hypnotic.

Rounding out the gang, Billy Lawrence and Henry Miller (both on congo drums) and Tashani Bushikov working his magic on the saxophone bringing passion and power to a Bob Marley suite ("Redemption Song", "Waiting in Vain", "Is This Love?"). 

If not completely transporting, the music of these NDTC instrumentalists holds you transfixed on account of their compelling blend of the traditional and the original -- a timeless combination perfect for this post-Nettleford era.

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