Friday, 11 October 2013

SEA CHANGES: Annabella Proudlock's enchanting new exhibit -- a study in serenity and cool textures

CORAL MAJORITY: Proudlock's latest features marine elements in exquisite mixed-media designs.

"This evening is not so much about the [artwork]; it's a celebration of Annabella, someone we love so deeply. So brave, so courageous," noted Babara Gloudon, as she opened the latest solo exhibit by 70-year-old renowned fine artist and Harmony Hall doyenne Annabella Proudlock at St. Andrew's Bolivar Gallery on Thursday evening. Added Gloudon, a longtime friend of the artist, "The sensitivity of what she's done makes this a gorgeous adventure." 

Indeed. Comprising over 50 mixed-media collages, Proudlock's display boasts an eclectic assortment of marine elements brought together and fancily, exquisitely arranged to eye-catching effect. From landsail sundials, starfish sand dollars and African glass beads to sea
urchins, crabs and clam shells, mussells and Mexican limpets, the lovely pieces evoke aquamarine vistas and enchanting walks on the beach. 

"It's very refreshing and just wonderful," remarks cermacist Norma Harrack, who was among the numerous guests from the art world and high society who stepped out in support of the launch. "It's in tune with nature, and nature inspires a lot of us. The sea and the shells and the colours." 

Proudlock's successful exhibition opening also drew appearances by the likes of Beth Hyde, P.J. Stewart, Veerle Poupeye, Anya Gloudon-Nelson and Gilou Bauer. 

"Annabella Proudlock at Bolivar Gallery" is on view through the end of this month. 1D Grove Road, Kingston 10.

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