Tuesday, 19 November 2013

CAUSE AND EFFECT: A commitment to charity defines the enduring Canadian Women's Club

HOME-GROWN FINDS: (Above and below) Patrons checking out the fare at Saturday's CWC bazaar.

"There's a lot of need outside of institutions supported by the government, so we identify people and causes who find it difficult to get support and who we feel could really use our help and meet our criteria. We always want to make a big impact. That's important to us, and that's why a lot of the ladies give their time." 

The "ladies" in question are the charity-minded members of the Canadian Women's Club (CWC) who, led by honorary president, Joan Reddie (quoted above), on Saturday staged their 2013 bazaar fundraiser on the grounds of the Hope Road-based Police Officers Club. 

With striking parallels to the recent Market At The Lawn, there were sights and sounds aplenty -- from exotic artwork, baked goods and handcrafted jewelry to clothing of all sizes and designs, CDs, plants and books fetching as little as $50. Even a face-paint specialist had a booth of her own going. 
"We're a non-profit organization," explains Reddie of the nearly 40-member women's society founded in 1986, "and our purpose is basically to do charity events like these so that we can raise money to purchase things for places like the St. John Bosco's Boys Home in Manchester, the Alpha Boys Home and some of the homes for the elderly. All of the things that we do are fundraisers."

On the horizon are a women's fashion show set for the residence of the Canadian High Commissioner next Easter, among other social must-dos. "We certainly could do with more publicity to get people to come out and support our events," says treasurer Chhaya Hawkins. "If people do come to the events I think we'd get more to give."

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