Tuesday, 26 November 2013

COMING ON STRONG: Brainy and beautiful, Lindsey Lodenquai is poised to shake up the dance world

BEST FOOT FORWARD: The on-the-rise dancer proves she's a fierce talent to watch.

"I must say dancing is a key part of my life," shares dancer/student/free spirit Lindsey Lodenquai of her involvement with the 25-year-old Company Dance Theatre, which just wrapped its fantastic 2013 season in Kingston. "I'm not too sure if I want to pursue it professionally though, but I do know I want to continue dancing for sure."

We wholeheartedly believe she should. At 19, Lindsey is a bonafide natural, who sizzles in the spotlight alongside her peers without dimming her own mega-wattage, banking on that surefire mix of riveting stage presence and the sort of radiance that pulls people in.

In person, the Immaculate Conception grad (a pretty combination of Maylynne Lowe and Noelle Kerr) is articulate and exudes the warm intelligence of a seasoned pro, whether talking about her undergrad studies at UWI Mona ("I'm now in my second year studying Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management. I'm loving it and I'm enjoying it") or reprising her gratifying role as Annie Palmer in Tony Wilson's vision of Rose Hall, for which she did some pretty intense research. 
"I definitely read the actual Rose Hall book, which was published many, many years ago," she admits. "I also watched YouTube videos, and I really just sat down and thought, How can I make this character pop, and how can we as a company make this production better than when it was first staged." For the record, the young leading lady put her foot in the part, bringing a thrilling authority to the stage, which certainly puts the local dance community on notice.

Looking ahead to what the future holds and the many options now open to her, Lindsey is not ready to draw any conclusions. "I'm not too sure," she confesses, referring to the career path she'll eventually take, "but something definitely in the entertainment field. I'll figure it out." One gets the feeling that she certainly will.

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