Monday, 25 November 2013

EDITOR'S PICKS: Tyrone recommends a searing memoir and a magnetic stage performance

ON THE SCENE: Deon Silvera in If Walls Could Talk
Still one of the best actresses in the game, Deon Silvera continues to rack up raves for her expert blend of the comic and the dramatic. In person, Silvera possesses niceness and perspicacity in almost equal measure -- and she brings all that and more to her If Walls Could Talk role of Jennifer Bailey, a frustrated wife and career woman desperate to bear her husband a child after too many miscarriages. Featured on the weekend at Green Gables Theatre in New Kingston, it's a compelling portrait of a woman who discovers, in the nick of time, her own power -- and a worthy addition to the actress' vast body of work.

LIFE STORY: A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah
How does a former child soldier who's witnessed unimaginable horrors in his native Africa that threatened to snuff out his light evolve into a bright and seemingly well-adjusted young man who recounts his journey in a bestselling 2011 memoir, with radiant charm and wit, to much international acclaim. If nothing else, in the case of Ishmael Beah, it's testament to the elasticity of the human heart and the very definition of spirit indomitable.

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