Friday, 22 November 2013

ON THE HORIZON: National Journalism Week set to close off November + Co-authors Dr. Henry Lowe and Prof. Errol Morrison weigh in on the ganja debate

SOUND & SUBSTANCE: With the marijuana debate rapidly heating up internationally (and not just on account of its medicinal qualities), a forthcoming publication, Ganja, Cannabis, Marijuana: The Jamaican Connection, co-written by Prof. Errol Morrison and Dr. Henry Lowe, seeks to put the fiery discussion in proper perspective. "The book is very timely," Dr. Lowe tells TALLAWAH, "because it explores all the political, scientific and technical issues. So it's like a good handbook, and it will inform the politicians and everybody else looking at ganja now." Due out in the coming weeks from Pelican Publishers, the text will be officially launched on December 10 at Eden Gardens.

EXTRA, EXTRA: It's that time of year again. National Journalism Week will be observed all of next week, commencing with a church service on Sunday, Nov. 24 and culminating with the annual awards banquet on Friday the 29th at the Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston. Says PAJ president, Jenni Campbell, "It's promising to be a time of reflection and celebration for colleagues in the press."

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