Friday, 22 November 2013

SECOND ACT: Nadine Sutherland dishes on going back to school and being re-energized at age 46

SING IT OUT: The songbird bringing passion and power to her King's House stint. (Photos: Skkan Media)

Reminding us that it's never too late for a second act -- and that we have the capacity to surprise even ourselves -- Nadine Sutherland has returned to the classroom, this time to read for a Master's degree. More specifically, the veteran chanteuse, who wholeheartedly believes that life itself is an education, is close to completing work on the cultural studies programme at UWI Mona.

Though this new chapter demands a supreme balancing act between hitting the books and hitting the recording studio, for the singer, the benefits far outweigh the stress and other challenges. "It's taken me to a new depth within myself and within my culture and my people," the 46-year-old songbird tells TALLAWAH following a stellar performance (clad in a stunning deep-blue gown) Tuesday evening at King's House. "It's also given me a better understanding and appreciation of myself as a reggae artist more than anything else. It's remotivated me." 
As Nadine further explains, going back to school was always in the cards for her. "It's been a dream of mine. I'm not a young girl anymore," she offers with a knowing chuckle, before taking a brief moment to sort of reflect on her own mortality. "I decided that I only have one life, and at this stage I'm gonna go at it with everything that I have -- in my studies, in my music, in my exercising, in everything." 

If nothing else, what Nadine's performance at King's House (on the occasion of the launch of Ideas Matter, Ian Boyne's latest book) confirmed is that after all these years she can still pack a powerful punch vocally. "I exercise a lot so that helps," the former Rising Stars judge admits of her weekly regimen. "I live a healthy life, and I take the time and effort to preserve the talent that God has given me."

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