Wednesday, 13 November 2013

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Four talented up-and-comers showcase the still-viable art of photography

SOFT FOCUS: Dancers from the Company Dance Theatre photographed by Creary. Below, a nature shot from the Randy Richards collection.

What constitutes a great photograph? "A great photo is a combination of luck, art and technique, but it really depends on what you're going for," explains Adrian Creary, one of four emerging young professionals who recently took part in Images, part photo exhibition, part informative workshop, put on by a five-member team of Management Studies students at UWI Mona earlier this week.

In his well-researched power-point presentation before a sizeable audience, Creary stressed the elements that one must assemble to achieve terrific results. "What really makes the photo is the gesture of what is happening in it, what will draw people to it," says Creary, who has been quietly making a name for himself as a for-hire talent and an major-event photographer with ties to such mega concerts as the annual Reggae Sumfest. "The combination of lighting and emotion to complement what's happening with the photo helps a lot in getting it to be representative of what you want it to be."
In addition to Creary, the exhibition also drew on the impressive talents of Kasceme Blackwood, Craig Haley and Randy Richards. "I would define my approach as a bit abstract at times, sometimes linear," shares Richards, a twenty-something UTech graduate who got his start in the biz after topping a Smirnoff-sponsored contest two years ago. "It's kind of a well-rounded approach, but I'm very meticulous, so I try to focus on every little detail of the image." 

Apart from being a course-work requirement, explains co-organizer Theresa Taylor, Images was put on to champion photography as a still-viable career option in the creative arts. "We believe photography has been overlooked, even though it is still possible to pursue it as a career," she tells TALLAWAH. "So we decided to put on this kind of event to shoe people the techniques involved in photography and the variety of ways in which it can be explored as an art form."

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