Friday, 6 December 2013

BANDS ON THE RISE: Two emerging groups bring the noise for inaugural Kingston Music Week

THE MELODY MAKERS: Members of the Earthcry Band, a troupe with skill and style to spare.

For what's bound to be one of the most memorable periods of the month, Kingston Music Week is off and running, offering patrons across the city performances by some of the local entertainers they've come to love (Tanya Stephens, Rootz Underground), while giving some up-and-coming musicians a much-welcomed platform to showcase what they're all about. 

Thursday night's brief live show inside the Edna Manley College's Vera Moody Concert Hall was all about the on-the-verge band, with standout stints by two groups in particular: Earthcry, which yielded a solid fusion of roots-rock reggae and jaunty contemporary sounds with cuts such as "Will You Be There" and "Hard Road", and the five-member aggregation Pentateuch, which drew on a blend of stirring grooves on tracks like "Armaggedeon Time" and "Pressure." 

By all appearances, these are young bands with substance, and, above all, their memorable performances succeeded in getting beyond the superficial.

Though the concert ended much too quickly, the fair-sized crowd got a real sense of the craft that goes into the projects of these impressively talented instrumentalists (and lead vocalists) and a sound understanding of the requisite stage presence and delivery techniques needed to woo audiences and win admirers of all stripes.

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