Tuesday, 10 December 2013

CHAT 'BOUT: Potent quotables from Marigold Harding, Idris Elba, Sandrea Falconer, Jason Hall and Tessanne Chin's mom

"She doesn't like to go up against people; that's not her thing. She falls in love with people and makes them her friends. So it's difficult for her to have a competitive spirit. That's the reason she's never entered any competitive shows like this before. She's just being herself, being a real Jamaican and not trying to be anything else." -- Christine Weston, Tessanne Chin's mom, in an interview with Life & Style magazine 

"People talk about Jamaican music and lifestyle as a vehicle for tourism. Sting is the hottest vehicle for reaching this market. Sting reaches out and supports real people." -- The Jamaica Tourist Board's Jason Hall on co-sponsoring Sting 30 

"We must examine the direct physical, mental, spiritual and social implications of violence within our society and put a stop to the source. It is then that we will be able to more adequately address areas such as economic empowerment of women, and encourage women, unhindered by violence, to become leaders in the community and at the highest decision-making levels in the society." -- Information minister Sandrea Falconer addressing a session on gender equality at the Jamaica Conference Centre last week 

"I acknowledge that we are in difficult economic times and some of us will experience financial challenges. But please recall that when you volunteered for the office, you agreed to help your fellow citizens." -- Custos of St. Andrew, Marigold Harding (at right), speaking at a recent awards dinner put on by the Lay Magistrates Association (St. Andrew Chapter) 

"What an honour it was to portray a man who defied the odds, broke down barriers and championed human rights before the eyes of the world." -- Actor Idris Elba on immortalizing the late Nelson Mandela on the big screen in this year's Long Walk To Freedom

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