Thursday, 19 December 2013

CHAT 'BOUT: Sound bytes of the week, featuring Andrew Holness, Lisa Hanna, Dr. Fenton Ferguson and Ronald Thwaites

"Jamaica cannot hope for any meaningful development unless we improve the standards of numeracy in our primary schools ad mathematics in our high schools." -- Education minister Rev. Ronald Thwaites lamenting the state of the core subject in local institutions 

"The health of the Jamaican people remains non-negotiable, and we will not relent on this. Therefore, despite the concessions we have made, the ban on smoking in specified public places will remain in place." -- Health minister Dr. Fenton Ferguson during a recent press briefing at the National Health Fund 

"Many Jamaicans would be surprised to know that Haiti, a country that is much poorer than Jamaica, has a far lower crime rate than we do. Once we are not spending enough resources and effort on dispute resolution, access to justice and just simply treating people with respect in the community, then all the other social variables will start to deteriorate." -- Opposition Leader Andrew Holness addressing a Belmont Road press conference earlier this week 

"I am very pleased that so many more people across the world did get, and will get, to see what we already know -- that Tessanne is an amazing singer who enchants audiences not only with her beautiful voice, but with Jamaican grace and charm as well. She is an excellent role model and outstanding representative of Jamaican culture." -- Youth and culture minister Lisa Hanna bigging up The Voice champ Tessanne Chin the other day

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