Wednesday, 4 December 2013

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK: News, notes and what's next on the theatre scene

CALLING THE SHOTS: What would the national pantomime be without the right director to bring all those disparate elements together into a compelling and vibrantly entertaining whole? This year that role falls to Pierre LeMaire, well-known in the local theatre community for his attention to detail and deft touch in staging experimental comedy-dramas. Barbara Gloudon, Anya and the rest of the Pantomime Company are very fortunate to have him on board this year, stepping in for panto regular Bobby Clarke, recently seen bringing the funny in a revival of Earl Warner's Man Talk (directed by Joan Belfon) at New Kingston's Theatre Place. The 2013/14 LTM Pantomime, The Golden Macca Fat, opens, as is the custom at the Little Theatre on Dec. 26. A media launch is scheduled for early next week. 

A CHANGE OF PACE: Here at TALLAWAH, every now and again, we like to check in on some of our favourite people to find out where life has taken them. After putting in a bravura lead performance in the School of Drama's Ruined in 2011 (winning both the Thespy and Actor Boy for Best Actress), Trini-born UWI Mona grad Risanne Martin has returned to her native twin-island republic and has opted to put her acting career on hold. (For now, we hope.) Even so, the 25-year-old actress continues to direct a small group back home primarily comprised of primary school students, as part of an NGO run by her family. "I think naturally I'm a director," Martin tells the Trinidad Guardian. "Acting I've always had a knack for, but I've never been particularly interested in it." She also runs a style consultancy in Woodbrook and has worked as the official stylist of a local mobile phone company. 

COMEBACK KID: And as we say so long to one award-winning performer, we welcome the much-anticipated return of another. After a lengthy self-imposed hiatus, firecracker actress and Actor boy winner Zandriann Maye is due to make a return to the boards later this month in Basil Dawkins' My God Don't Wear Pajamas, in which she'll swap lines and share scenes with the likes of Donald 'Iceman' Anderson, Bertina Macaulay and Jean-Paul Menou. Given her penchant for performances that straddle the divide between the perversely funny and the highly dramatic (see Hot Spot and the Jamaica 2 Rahtid sequel), I'm intrigued to see what she'll deliver this time around.

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