Friday, 20 December 2013

FARM TO TABLE: Stush-in-the-bush reinterpreting cottage industry with a spicy take on rustic gourmet

DOWN TO EARTH: The Binns, the dynamic duo behind the culinary label.

"Sexy vegetarianism, that's what my husband calls it," shares Lisa Binns, referring to the bold concept driving their small culinary brand Stush-in-the-Bush, a neat range of cottage industry products spanning the gamut from enchanting spices to savoury delectables and other condiments.

"Basically, we are into rustic gourmet. We have a farm in Free Hill, St. Ann, where we grow organic greens, parsley, you name it. And we prepare them in a tasty, nutritious and unique way to satisfy the taste buds of our customers."

As for the bigger picture, Stush-in-the-Bush ranks among the very first set of homegrown foodies/chefs to showcase their labels and fare at Kingston Kitchen when the event got going about two years ago. The husband-and-wife duo (Christopher, a meek Rastafarian is the hardworking hubby) while just getting their feet wet in the industry, see no limits as to where their passionate take on Jamaican cuisine can take them. 

"All our products are made with love and affection; those are the first two ingredients you see on the bottle," Binns charmingly explains. "And, ideally, we like to give you, our customers, what we ourselves love to eat. We like to spice it up." Where are the products currently available? "We're now available at select outlets in Kingson and in Runaway Bay, or you can get the products directly from us." 

Any expansion plans afoot? "We haven't decided on that as yet; we're sort of establishing ourselves in the market right now. But we're very excited to see what's in store for us."

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