Monday, 30 December 2013

HOW DOES HE DO IT: Donald 'Iceman' Anderson on success and breaking all the rules

TRUE COLOURS: "I know I don't look it, and I'm gracious to God for that," says the actor of turning 40.

Many artists are content to stick to a singular lane in the pursuit of creative excellence. Not Donald 'Iceman' Anderson, who over the course of the past couple of years has shown that, among his contemporary peers, he's one of those rare talents who don't shy away from trying on multiple hats for size. And keeping superbusy. 

In addition to recently putting out a comedy album, signing on as an ambassador for mobile company LIME, and even collaborating with Lady Rennae on the groundbreaking animated TV series Mek Wi Laugh, the award-winning actor, recording artist and ace stand-up comedian can be seen this month treading the boards of the Little Little Theatre in the compelling saga My God Don't Wear Pajamas, as the beleaguered Denver Jenkins, a reformed convict doing his best to lead an upstanding and openly Christian life, even as he grapples with a domineering wife (Zandriann Maye) and a scheming stepmother (Hilary Nicholson). 

"It's a very internal character," he says of the part. "I've never played a role as complex as this in my entire career as an actor. It's quite an interesting script." 

Juggling multiple projects simultaneously seems to come naturally to the veteran performer. But Donald, who is signed to the indie label Roxstarz Entertainmment, admits that he's able to do it all thanks to a reliable secret weapon: his excellent working relationship with manager Dwayne Watkins. "We are on the same path as far as our work ethic is concerned," he explains. "We have no problem putting in the level of work that we know it takes to get to the level we want to reach. He pushes me very hard to the point where I get annoyed with him. But it's been nothing but rewards." 

Naturally, they plan to keep on pushing in 2014, a year that will mark a major milestone in the actor's life. "I'm celebrating my 40th birthday in February," he tells me. "I know I don't look it, and I'm gracious to God for that." (He's a Pisces; Feb. 22). 

And when it comes to making one of life's most significant decisions: choosing to share your future with someone, Donald is very clear about the kind of woman he's after. "As a man, sometimes you need somebody who can help you harness and hone your fire," he preaches. "That's the woman a single, eligible Iceman is looking for these days."

(And, by the way, Donald earns extra bucks as the host of Hot Ice, a lively afternoon show on radio's Hot 102 FM.)

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