Friday, 13 December 2013

MAGIC TOUCH: Puerto Rican beauty pro Daniel De La Torre dishes on Jamaican women and finding his life's passion

THE FACE MAKER: "I think everybody is attractive in their own unique way," says De La Torre, at work with a client, below.

Hailing from Miami by way of Puerto Rican roots, Daniel De La Torre is on a mission of helping women from all walks look and feel their personal best. Starting with their makeup, for those who simply love to have their faces made. The strikingly handsome L'Oreal Paris international artist is currently in Jamaica on a four-venue fall beauty tour and says he's thrilled to share his industry "secrets" with those who come out to see him. 

Observing his interactions with clients inside York Pharmacy on Thursday, it became immediately clear that this is no ordinary makeup artist. Daniel De La Torre brings real passion and deep knowledge to his work, and the women taking turns in his chair hang on to his every word. 

"One of the good things about having Daniel here is that he's bringing first-hand information to the Jamaican consumers who want to know about the latest products and techniques," explains Andrean Bennett, marketing manager at Pioneer Jamaica, a company that handles and distributes L'Oreal products across the island. 

Set to turn 28 next week, Daniel (who heads to Curacao next) says he's looking forward to hitting the beach in Montego Bay this weekend after wrapping his tour of city Kingston. Highlights below from his chat with TALLAWAH:

TALLAWAH: Is this your first visit to Jamaica? What's the high point of being here? 
De La Torre: No, it's actually my fourth time here. Jamaica is one of the few countries I've visited where the women are eager to actually learn about doing their makeup the right way. Jamaicans must have good grades because they pay attention. 

What's your take on inner versus outer beauty? 
That's interesting. I think everybody is attractive in their own unique way. And when it comes to taking care of ourselves, I think there is always that one feature that we can play up, whether it's the eyes, the lips, you name it. We all have something. 

Who are your beauty and style icons du jour? 
It's so cool that she's part of our [L'Oreal] campaign, but I just love BeyoncĂ©; she always does it for me. And there's also Rihanna, who does things her own way, which I like. I'm drawn to women who embrace who they are, and especially the natural look. 

Your single most trusted tool/product of the trade has to be.... 
I love Tru Match because it comes with SPF. It works very well for women's skin tones. 

How does a young man from Puerto Rico, the epicentre of the macho male, wind up doing makeup for a living? What's the backstory there?
(Laughs). When I was in high school, I realized that it was very easy for me to blend eye shadow, and so all the girls wanted me to do their makeup. I started making money from it, and my mom thought I was selling drugs because I always had money to buy what I wanted (Laughs).

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