Monday, 16 December 2013

MIND OVER MATTER: Noted author and columnist Tony Williamson aims to transform lives with powerful new book

FINE COMPANY: Williamson and wife, Jean, out and about in April of last year. Below, R. Danny Williams, who addressed Sunday's book launch.

WHAT: Launch of Tony Williamson's motivational tome, The Courage to Conquer 

WHERE: Guardian Group Building, Trafalgar Road, New Kingston 

WHEN: Sunday evening 

GUEST LIST: Sir Kenneth Hall, R. Danny Williams, Oliver Jones, Tony Falloon, Alfred Sangster, among others 

THE BOOK'S CORE APPEAL: Branded as a motivational/inspirational title, The Courage to Conquer is veteran insurance man and author/columnist Williamson's fifth release, in which readers are invited to discover tried-and-proven tools and tips to overcome their life's challenges and create their own mental breakthroughs. 
WHO SAID WHAT: "The book is a gold mine of inspirational stories that Tony has lived through, as well as those of others, that he has brought together to inspire his readers," noted Williams (above). Keynote speaker Jones said he, too, can relate to the book's wised-up take on overcoming adversity. "When you get into difficult times, don't believe it's the end of the road," Jones said. "As long as you stay the course and have a change of attitude you'll be surprised how quickly things change." 

TONY GETS THE LAST WORD: A former newspaper columnist with hordes of life-changing tales to recount, Williamson's primary objective as a motivational author is (it's at once obvious) simply to touch lives while imparting sage advice like, "You may not be able to control the wind, but you can set your sail." 

The Courage to Conquer was published by Minna Press and is now available through local booksellers and via's international platforms.

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