Friday, 3 January 2014

ON THE RECORD: Judy Mowatt reflects on making hits and finding peace

REASON TO SMILE: "I could have been somewhere else, so I just have to be grateful."

How does Judy Mowatt feel about the possibility of an I-Three reunion?

If you ask her, she'll tell you that she's leaving it all up to time. Until then, though, she continues to say a little prayer for her "sisters" Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley. "Marcia and I just came back from Argentina," she tells TALLAWAH, "but as far as a proper reunion goes, I'm putting that in the Lord's hands. I love them, and I enjoy working with them, and I know God is gonna save them and he's gonna brings us together in Him, and when the time is right." 

Following an emotionally charged performance, Sister Judy (as she is affectionately called) and I are catching up at Wednesday's First Fest gospel bash at Jamaica College. During our conversation, the veteran songstress unreservedly embraced her past lives and vowed to fearlessly face her future as a leader in the reggae gospel game. "I am at a place in life where I say that I wish I was saved before because I didn't know that being inside of Christ was so wonderful; it's fun," confesses the artist, who plans on releasing her next album sometime this year." 

She continues: "Many times when we go through trials it is for someone else to see that you have the peace and joy in spite of your circumstances. So I am thankful for all the accomplishments. I could have been somewhere else, so I just have to be grateful and keep giving thanks."

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