Monday, 27 January 2014

SAY WHAT: Talking the talk with Deon Hemmings-McCatty, Shaggy, Peter Bunting, Terrence Williams and Wayne Marshall

"As the name suggests, the project represents my true colours and what I have experienced in music. It shows my evolution, my growth. I promised myself that I wanted to make a project so fans could see the worth of buying it. It is a project that I can really encourage people to buy....We took the time to perfect it." -- Entertainer Wayne Marshll on the appeal of his new album, Tru Colours, out now 

"With this new cardiac ward, [the children facing surgery] have a fighting chance. We shifted all our interest in getting this ward up because that is how important it is." -- Philanthropist Orville 'Shaggy' Burrell on the long-term benefits of his Make A Difference Foundation's latest mega-donation to the Bustamante Hospital for Children 

"When you go to a track meet running the 400M hurdles, you are fully stressed out, but when you go to a track meet running the sprint hurdles you are having fun, and I think it is time for her to have fun, and I support her." -- Track icon Deon Hemmings-McCatty endorsing Olympian Melanie Walker's switch to the sprints 

"We are very happy for this, and we are looking forward to the other items to have a full slate for proper accountability because Jamaica's police have a high rate of fatal shootings and with that high rate there must be a high degree of quality accountability. Jamaica must be an example of quality accountability." -- INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams on the wearing of body cameras by members of the Jamaican constabulary 

"I am asking principals and other persons in the school system not to react in a defensive manner towards the findings of the [Education and Crime: Evidence from Prison Inmates] study because the school is an important channel for positive behavioural intervention support to take place." -- National Security Minister Peter Bunting on the islandwide backlash over the findings of the notorious JCF study

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