Thursday, 13 February 2014

JUST THE TWO OF US: Endless Love tackles the highs and heartbreak of a passionate young romance

MAD ABOUT YOU: Pettyfer and Wilde get close in a scene from their heartfelt new flick.

The teenaged star-crossed duo at the heart of Endless Love waste no time realizing that they were always meant to be together, meant to save each other. Come what may. Watching their boy-meets-girl story bloom into something serious is as beautiful and heartfelt as it gets at the movies.

With echoes of The Notebook and 500 Days of Summer, Endless Love is a tale of young lovers, the mammoth hurdles they encounter and, when all is said and done, how they finally wind up in each other's arms. Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) is David, a decent and charming high-schooler who's long had his eye on Jade (Gabriella Wilde), a shy and sweet Med school hopeful, the kind of sheltered, privileged chick you refer to as a shrinking violet. But when a graduation party brings these two aching souls together the sparks fly fast and romance blossoms. Jade starts to free herself. 

In the movies, as in real life, where there is love, heartache is only a stone's throw away, and to understate things, David and Jade are in for the fight of their young lives to not just make their liaison work but to remain together in the physical sense. Things only grow more intensely complicated when the girl's overprotective father insists that she end the "summer fling" and turn her full attention to her impending internship at Brown. But the girl will not be swayed from her paramour, and the choices she makes set in motion a sequence of events that will test the bonds of friendship and, indeed, family, and change the course of the lives of everyone involved.

Directed and co-written by Shana Feste, Endless Love is a passionate and touchingly poignant story of finding The One, losing them, and wanting them back. The two attractive leads bring a mix of charisma and magnetism to their parts. And though the story occasionally smacks of melodrama and schmaltz, their palpable chemistry keeps the boat afloat.

Like I said, Endless Love should easily find resonance with fans of such beloved chick flicks as The Notebook, buoyed by its tale of yearning and desire, wised-up regret and life-altering hope. Tyrone's Verdict: B

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