Saturday, 8 February 2014

THE NATION: Serge Island makes multi-million-dollar investment in Jamaica's future track stars

ALL ON BOARD: Neita-Headley and brand ambassador Warren Weir (centre) flanked by sports administrators and members of the Serge Island team at the National Stadium.

"A grassroots investment in Jamaica." That's precisely how Sports Minister Natalie Neita-Headley sums up the smart new move by Serge Island Dairies, a subsidiary of Seprod, which has decided to pump $20 million into the island's sporting sector, specifically as sponsorship of the national inter-prep and inter-primary track-and-field championships. 

Added bonus: Some 50 primary schools will have their sports days directly sponsored as part of an effort to unearth talent at the junior level. 

"It's so gratifying to see a forward-looking company like Serge Island putting its money where it's proverbial mouth is and making a serious investment in the sporting youth of Jamaica," Neita-Headley says. "This is incubator money that will allow the young promising athletes to develop and become stars of the future."

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