Thursday, 6 February 2014

WORD FOR WORD: Potent quotables from Kaliese Spencer, Max Romeo, Devon Rowe and Dr. Peter Phillips

Dr. Peter Phillips 
The finance & planning minister forecasting accelerated economic growth for the coming years: 
"As I have indicated, there has been a return to growth, modest though it is. This has been the result of the greater levels of confidence and the country's performance under the Economic Reform Programme. For [this] financial year, we are projecting an inflation out-turn in the single digits." 
Devon Rowe 
The financial secretary addressing a recent meeting of Parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee: 
"Since the start of the 2013-14 financial year, the Jamaican dollar to the US dollar has been revised upward every month. If the result continues, it could result in the overshoot of the debt-to-GDP target." 
Max Romeo 
The reggae living legend voicing concern over aspects of the recording industry: 
"They need to put back more record players in stores. Some people still have vinyl, but they can't get the turntables to purchase. I'm sure the artistes would definitely be open to this process.... Not many persons are interested in investing in music anymore, and that is because of the level of production." 
Kaliese Spencer 
The track star looking ahead to a prosperous 2014 season: 
"I am working, preparing my mind and my body. It's a Diamond League year, and I lost it last season, so I am going back for that. I want to do great things in the 400M hurdles this year. I am ready to go."

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