Saturday, 29 March 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: This week's quotables starring Andrew Holness, Prodigal Son, Ziggy Marley, Prof. Hubert Devonish, and Cedella Marley

"I am proud of our champions; this is the right time to come on board and support the Reggae Girlz. They need proper training and proper nutrients, which I am here for. I don't know how long this ambassador thing will last, but I am going to be here for the Reggae Girlz forever because every mickle mek a muckle, and I encourage everyone to come together and support these talented girls." -- Cedella Marley on being named the new ambassador of Jamaica's senior women's football team

"The problem that the UWI finds itself with is that the governments of 14 contributing territories have agreed to a formula for funding UWI, and the Jamaican government has committed to it, but, in reality, not doing what it has signed on to do." -- UWI Mona's Professor Hubert Devonish addressing the Human Resource and Social Development Committee in Parliament this week

"I am way more focussed on the support I am getting from my real fans. Those are the people who are looking out for me. I am not focussed on naysayers. I'm just going to continue to put out good music and focus on what I am doing." -- Deejay Prodigal Son on the flak over his decision to branch out into the reggae-dancehall market

"We are going to empower the people in West Kingston and going to talk the things about crime in this country because the PNP is far more culpable. So I want you to appreciate and understand that we are not running from any commission this trip." -- Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Holness, addressing supporters at the East Central St. James annual conference on Sunday

"We have been nominated in the Reggae Album category already and never won, as well as we've been nominated in other categories outside of reggae and won. If it's good music then what will come will come. If it's a Grammy nomination then okay. But if it's not then don't make the music any less." -- Ziggy Marley responding to dissenting talk over the Marleys' continued dominance of the reggae award at the Grammys

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