Friday, 14 March 2014

PRIDE & JOY: Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt support their superstar son in New York City

MEET THE PARENTS: The Bolts, with Chitra Nawbatt at the New York-hosted ceremony.

It was an evening to remember for the parents of the World's Fastest Man, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt, alongside several members of the international sporting community, who came together for the March 10 Jesse Owens International Athlete Trophy gala awards and dinner inside the iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Rubbing shoulders and hob-nobbing with globally recognized figures and other specially invited guests from all over the world, the Bolts celebrated their son's much-deserved lien on the prestigious award, whose mission is to annually pay tribute to the most outstanding athletes across the globe (particularly the top choices) in homage to one of the all-time greatest sportsmen that ever lived.

The proud parents, looking sharply attired, graciously posed for photographs with the likes of BNN news anchor Chitra Nawbatt before making their way onstage to receive the prize on Usain's behalf. Among the audience members were Edwin Moses and Carl Lewis.

Ten sporting elites were selected to vie for the award this year, among them Serena Williams, Mo Farah, and LeBron James.

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