Thursday, 3 April 2014

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK: Romae Gordon talks bliss, beauty — and the new man in her life

A WOMAN IN FULL: "It's a beautiful time in my life now. It has to be." Below, with supermodel Oraine Barrett in Kingston.

First-time moms are traditionally a bunch full of life and emotion and an eagerness to nurture. Similar qualities could be cited to define Miss Romae Gordon, a perennial all-Jamaican cool girl who recently became a new mama.

Romae can hardly contain her glee when her baby boy, Cole Gordon Cooper, becomes the focus of our interview. "He's been an absolute delight, a beautiful, bouncing child," she dishes to TALLAWAH with a river-wide smile as white-clad patrons stream in for Sunday's well-supported Colour Festival on the grounds of Hope Gardens. 

Romae herself, one of the event's organizers, is observing the dress code, chicly attired in a white top, jeans and shades. "I'm ecstatic that I can help to shape a life that will be meaningful and make a major contribution to the country," she continues. "And that is not an expectation that's unique to me. I think all parents who have that experience want to make sure that they do the best they can. For me, it's a love experience unlike any other that's going on right now." 

With her luminous complexion and runway-ready physique, Romae is obviously a true beauty, but she's also a charming interview subject, a real style bellwether, Pulse's on-the-ball fashion director, a retired supermodel, and a very serious multitasker who has focus and takes her body and her well-being seriously. "I played squash until I was about eight-and-a-half months pregnant," she reveals incredulously. "I was still very active. I was climbing the Mayan ruins in Belize. I was doing all those kinds of things." 

But when it comes to her beauty regimen, she's an old-fashioned kind of chick who swears by a simple mix of wholesome diet, shea butter and a trusty moisturizer, and regular exercise. Asked if she misses her modelling days and that heady rush of early-morning photoshoots and magazine editorials, she says it's only natural that every now and again she'll check her rear-view mirror in reflecting on where life has taken her. 

"Even the other day I was looking in a magazine and I had this really nostalgic feeling," she says. "I recently did an interview and a photoshoot for SHECaribbean, so I'm still doing modelling-related things." Working with the Pulse team these past few years on mega-projects like Caribbean Model Search and the upcoming Caribbean Fashion Week has helped Romae discover a whole new passion and appreciation for working behind-the-scenes. "By and large, I'm happy developing talent and helping them get to the next level internationally," she says. 

Still, for Romae Gordon, these days nothing in life tops the singular joy of mommyhood. "It's a beautiful time in my life now. It has to be, if only for Cole's sake," she notes, with a hint of finality in her voice. "He makes me happy and puts a smile on my face every single day."

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