Wednesday, 2 April 2014

CHAPTERS OF HIS STORY: Bolt's Faster Than Lightning a hit with readers across the globe

FIT TO PRINT: The top athlete's sophomore book scores good reviews.

When Usain Bolt published his first book, 9.58 - My Story, in 2010, fans and tastemakers alike responded enthusiastically, given that they were being offered a first-hand account of what it means to be the world's fastest living sprinter. Teaming up with HarperSport, the Jamaican phenom (currently in the throes of preparations for the 2014 season) has returned to bookstores with Faster Than Lightning (released last fall), which lets readers catch up with his ever-evolving story nearly five years on. How do folks feel about the sequel? Here's a brief sampling of what they've been saying online:

"A profile in courage, grit, confidence, hard work and fun, the vivid account of [Bolt's] life, as depicted in his autobiography, is really fascinating and inspirational. He has put the events of his life very straight-forward and unambiguously and, at the same time, maintaining a degree of honesty and, to a great extent, uncontroversially. The book is a must-read not only for budding sportspersons but also for every individual who aspires to excel in life." -- Souvik Khamrui (New Delhi, India)

"I would recommend this as a well-written autobiography. I feel I know a lot more about this unique man and his unusual life. Although I would say I don't feel I have all the facts, just the ones he wanted to share with the public. But, in a sense, he made up for this by not showing off and blowing his own trumpet like so many people in his situation could and would do." -- Chris Daniels (New York, United States)

"In my opinion, the book does not represent a motivational story about a man's hard slog to the summit of success. It is not the story of discipline and determination that takes a person through turbulent days. Rather, Faster Than Lightning is the story of an immensely gifted man who has realized his potential by making a few right decisions and listening to a few good people. And that, I think, is the ultimate take-away message." -- Vijay Dorai, The Star Online

"What a delightful read! I've always been a huge fan, much to the chagrin of my hubby, who is adamant [Bolt is] too good to be achieving what [he has] without some help from banned substances. I, of course, always rise to [his] defence all the time. I pray that what [he] has written in this book is completely honest. [He's] a remarkable young man, and I wish [him] everything of the best in Brazil in 2016. Pity I will not get to see [him] run in this lifetime, but I will be cheering from afar." -- Sharon Reuben (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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