Wednesday, 2 April 2014

GREEN PEACE: Kingston's Earth Hour Concert yields a wholesome mix of music and message

WE ARE THE WORLD: Stage performers defined team effort to put on a stellar show.

It is always worth noting when our entertainers team up in support of a worthy cause. Packed to capacity, the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston played host to Saturday's hugely enjoyable Earth Hour Concert in observance of the global initiative aimed at increasing awareness on matters concerning global warming, green living, and environmental preservation.

First observed in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, Earth Hour was being celebrated in Jamaica for the second consecutive year, thanks in large part to the relentless efforts of, in partnership with sponsors Flow, the Jamaica Yellow Pages, Wata, and the Jamaica Tourist Board.
Patrons who came out to support the free-to-the-public event enjoyed alternately lively, acoustic and meditative performances by industry newcomers like crooner Ezra, rap-song collaborators Eva Hype and Diani, alongside more seasoned names like Dr. Michael Abrahams (whose performance of the dub poem "We Need Some Heroes" was peppered with timely social commentary), Jah Bouks, Nature, songstress Stephanie and a platinum-topped Aisha Davis.

At precisely 8:30 pm, emcees Keida and Rootz Underground's Steve Newland had the complex lights extinguished to officially mark the start of Earth Hour. Glow-in-the-dark headbands and match-lit sprinklers were handed out to audience members, lending the venue a truly communal vibe, as the Skygrass band jammed on stage (delivering tunes like "High Grade Love" and "Pepper Sauce Girl") and feather-weight baskets (pictured0 above), complete with glowing flame, soared above into the night sky.

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