Saturday, 19 April 2014

MAKING A POINT: This week's food for thought featuring Maxine Henry-Wilson, Rev. Ronald Thwaites, Carol Aina, Donovan Stanberry and Father Richard HoLung

"I felt it was the right time. Younger men will have to step forward and lead the Missionaries of the Poor into the future. I will still help and be active." -- 74-year-old Father Richard HoLung announcing the culmination of his tenure as head of the Missionaries of the Poor after three-plus decades 

"It has been a wonderful year, particularly because it's our 40th anniversary year and we ensured that we continues to display how good the school is." -- Principal Carol Aina of the Norman Manley Law School on the venerable regional institution's latest mega-milestone 

"We take the issue of climate change seriously, and this is indicated by the government's injection of funds to take some measures against the possible threat. The intention is to protect our sector and our coasts from the threat of climate change." -- Permanent Secretary Donovan Stanberry on new efforts being undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture 

"We have to look at new ways of presenting what we have; we have to look at new assessment methods. Everybody won't learn the same way; people have different abilities. How do you measure all those different abilities that people have? There is much to be done to transform the sector and build a coherent, synergistic system. This must be standard-driven, not based on individual institutional measurements." -- Commissioner and CEO of the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), Maxine Henry-Wilson on current approaches to research at the tertiary level 

"Research has shown a direct link between the success of a country and the education of its people. It is our aim that, especially during this week, our children will spend more time reading and stimulating their young minds." -- Education minister Ronald Thwaites addressing the National Reading Week opening ceremony at Allman Town Primary in Kingston recently. The week was observed under the theme "A great reader makes a great leader."

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