Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Entertaining change and impacting lives, Randy McLaren finds his life's purpose

CROWD PLEASER: "At the heart of what I do is a mission to entertain change," says the stage star.

No rest for the talented. Randy McLaren is on a mission to take his timeless message of change through entertainment and kreative aktivism to the masses, with performances full of word-sound-power resonance, and through projects aimed at fortifying the RM brand and transforming lives. At 26, the remarkably driven edu-tainer has emerged as a force of culture worthy of our time and attention.

TALLAWAH: You have an EP that's slated for release in May. What inspired this creative departure? 
McLaren: It's something that I've wanted to put together for a while now. I need a product so that if you're at an event or overseas you can actually sell it. And as a performer and creative person, it's always good to find new ways and means of earning an income. I have supporters overseas who want to support the efforts, people in Zambia for sure, the UK and Toronto, and they will be able to purchase it on iTunes.

It's admirable how your concerts are so consistently charity-oriented.
At the heart of what I do is a mission to entertain change. So there's always a social cause attached to what I do. I am an advocate before a performer, so I am involved in everything from student leadership to youth empowerment. I try to use my skills to help out whenever and wherever I can.

The Armadale Tragedy (and its survivors) seems to hit pretty close to home for you.
Very close. I work very closely with the young ladies. They have changed my life, in terms of hos I perform and how I do my events. Ever since I got in touch with them, everything I do has a social mission attached to it. And I'm happy I made that conscious move because that's what I'm about. It gives me a sense of fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment as well.

What are your interests apart from the arts and doing good in the neighbourhood?
Leadership. I was head boy at Excelsior, deputy at Wolmer's. I am currently a youth ambassador. So anything to do with leadership. I also study sociology at UWI. Finishing up now. I do nuff tings.

How will the Randy McLaren story unfold from here?
I definitely want to get more recordings done. I want to do more events. Just as ho you know the reggae artistes and the dancehall artistes, that is how I want people to know my material. I think it can be done, and it's part of what I have to offer the creative industry.

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