Thursday, 3 April 2014

PART OF SPEECH: Sound bytes of the week featuring PM Portia Simpson-Miller, Jamaicans for Justice, Dr. Stephen Vasciannie, Brigitte Foster-Hylton, and Dr. Henry Lowe

"There is more to be done, but we mark the progress of women and recommit ourselves to further efforts on the march for equality. Hundreds of professional women, leading athletes and entertainers also serve as testimony to the major contributions of women to social, economic and political development of the country." -- Jamaica's ambassador to Washington, Dr. Stephen Vasciannie, in a statement to the OAS public session commemorating International Women's Day

"We have a lot of the basics that can be used to get us there. We have the mineral bath at Rockfort; we have the Blue Mountains; we have the beaches." -- Dr. Henry Lowe on the potential for cultural and heritage tourism to thrive in Kingston

"It's amazing being on the other side of the training session, and I think the kids are appreciating it as well. I love to come out here. I love to see the progress. I love to give them information and see them soak it up like a sponge. It gives me a lot of satisfaction. I never really saw myself doing this, but it's my way of giving back. We do need to get our sprint hurdlers back on top, and this is my little way of giving back." -- Olympian Brigitte Foster-Hylton on her new gig as hurdles coach at the MVP Track Club

"In the coming month we look forward to the opportunities our Annual General Meeting and our annual board retreat will provide for our new executive director to begin her work with the organization to work for the protection of human rights in Jamaica." -- Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) in a recent release announcing the appointment of Kay Osborne as Carolyn Gomes' successor

"We cannot sit back and feel comfortable because few women have been able to break through the barriers to create history. Women's voices must be heard more and louder everywhere that public choices are being made that affect our lives. We are used as proof that there is little to complain about since they say that progress is being made. I say not enough in this area." -- PM Portia Simpson-Miller on the present state of issues concerning women's rights in Jamaica

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