Friday, 30 May 2014

CHAT ‘BOUT: This week’s quotables from Leonie Forbes, Ambassador Stephen Vasciannie, Sameer Younis, Hezron, and Chris Gayle

“I’m still glad to still be here at this point. I’m alive, still learning what makes life work, and I’m enjoying that.” – Living legend Leonie Forbes dishing to TALLAWAH about life on the cusp of 77.
The Life I Live(d) is an expression of the realities of life, the people and all I see around me. It garners the different elements of my experiences together within one carefully composed album. It is my desire that its audience not only relate to the lyrical content, but that the music will elicit positive upliftment and inspiration. This album delivers the very best of me into the hearts of the people who influenced it all and I want to thank you all for your support.” – Singer-songwriter Hezron on his brand new studio album, available now via Tad’s Records.

“The Embassy of Jamaica, along with Jamaica’s Permanent Mission to the OAS is honoured to showcase the talent of so many, particularly from the Americas, who did such excellent art work. This exhibition will highlight the interests of the people of the region and the world in Jamaican culture, specifically the Jamaican music form of reggae.” – Jamaica’s Ambassador to Washington, Dr. Stephen Vasciannie, at the opening of the 2014 International Reggae Poster contest at the Marcus Garvey Hall of Culture at the OAS headquarters. The exhibit showcases entries from 79 countries. 

“If we are to elevate ourselves as a country, we must fix family life in Jamaica. Our family structures are broken. Many more children are growing up in dysfunctional families, which then lead them to petty crimes among the other ills that we face daily in the society.” – Businessman Sameer Younis addressing last Thursday’s Youth Leadership Training Programme graduation ceremony in Kingston.

“I am still injured, and I am trying to sort it out so that I can be fully fit for that special occasion. It’s a big task and a big occasion for me and for the people back home. I have my fingers crossed and hopefully I will be back on the field as quickly as possible.” – Superstar cricketer Chris Gayle on his quest for fitness ahead of his 100th test in Jamaica next month. 

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