Monday, 26 May 2014

STAR TALK: What’s your favourite memory from your Jamaican childhood?

In honour of Child Month, TALLAWAH asked a couple of our favourite artists to take a trip down memory lane and share reflections from their distinctly Jamaican early years:

Terri Salmon, Thespy-winning actress; producer, Goddess Theatre 
“For most of my childhood I was like a nomad (Laughs). At one point we moved from where I was living in Kingston to Portland. Then we moved from Portland, when I was about seven, back into Kingston. And I think we moved a few more times after that. But I didn’t mind it. It’s just that the stability wasn’t there as it should have been. There were times when my family was apart and then we got back together. So my typical situation involved sharing space with different members of my extended family. When I look back, I have no regrets because all of my life experiences made me the woman I am today.” – Catch Salmon starring in For My Daughter, currently running at New Kingston’s Pantry Playhouse on weekends through June. 

Franklin Halliburton, Musical director, The University Singers; Conductor, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jamaica 
“A group of my friends and I were in the country one day; I was about eight or nine at the time, and I can remember us walking through what I can only describe as orchards and orchards of mango trees, laden with all different kinds of mangoes. And we went deeper and deeper into the mango bush. I remember us eating the sweetest, sweetest mangoes for hours. I was very young at the time, of course, but that memory has remained with me up to this day because I think it really speaks to what being Jamaican is truly all about.” – The 2014 concert season of The University Singers opens June 6 at the Philip Sherlock Centre, UWI Mona 

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