Thursday, 29 May 2014

WATCH THAT, READ THIS: Jamaican musicians get their 'dictionary' due + Think Like a Man earns a summer sequel

LMH Official Dictionary of Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall Stars, Volume 1 (LMH Publishing) 
> WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Compiled and edited by parliamentarian and publishing titan Mike Henry and author K. Sean Harris, this collector’s item highlights a venerable selection of Jamaica’s most outstanding musical acts, past and present. It’s a comprehensive mix, saluting the legends as well as the new generation of hitmakers who continue to make their mark both at home and on the international scene. 
> WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: Possibly the first publication of its kind, it’s an informative reference guide laden with noteworthy facts and historical notes – and is ideally suited to the needs of researchers, reggae historians, and students of all ages. 
> WHAT’S IN A NAME? How many of us knew that The Wailers initially called themselves The Teenagers? Which dancehall icon was actually christened Winston Foster? Who dubbed Dennis Brown as ‘The Crown Prince of Reggae’? 

Think Like A Man Too (Screen Gems, opening June 20) 
> WHAT IT’S ABOUT: The forthcoming sequel to 2012’s sexy urban comedy-drama (based on Steve Harvey’s international bestseller) reacquaints viewers with the film’s crazy-sexy-beautiful African-American crew as they juggle career and relationships while navigating Las Vegas’ pyrotechnic social scene. Peep the trailer HERE
> WHY WE RECOMMEND IT: Think like a Man’s viewer-friendly and laugh-out-loud hilarious spin on the eternal battle of the sexes is expected to play out with eye-opening results sure to have audience members taking notes. And with firecracker cast members like Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Regina Hall and Michael Ealy reprising their roles, the film is a box-office smash waiting in the wings. 
> ON THE MONEY: Made on a budget of $12 million, the original Think Like A Man raked in over $95 million at the box office, per Wikipedia.

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