Thursday, 26 June 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: Sound bytes of the week, featuring Hansle Parchment + Rev. Ronald Thwaites + Tanya Lee + VP Records' Randy Chin + Dr. Jonathan Greenland

"I believe my start has seen a big improvement, which has put me a lot closer to the [elite] guys, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I would say that I am a lot healthier. I have to give God thanks for that, so I am just going to try to compete, trying to get my name out there and trying to get to the Games." Olympian Hansle Parchment on his level of readiness for the track-and-field season ahead 
"You must do more. There must be a contract between the school and each parent, stating that there is an acceptance of their responsibility to keep in touch with the schools." Education minister Rev. Ronald Thwaites on the need for improved interaction between parents and teachers in local schools 

"It is something I love; it's my passion. I grew up doing this. I don't know anything else. My parents had only girls growing up, so my father used to take me to all the sporting events. I've just not known any other life. Sports is everything for me, and there's nothing that gives me greater thrill than a victory for one of my teams or seeing fans enjoying the game." SportsMax's Tanya Lee on her lifelong passion for world sports 

"Africa has a legion of dedicated reggae fans and now with the increasing global connectivity in today's tech and online world, we are able to fulfil that demand. We are excited about this expansion and confident that we can effectively reach reggae fans in Africa." VP Records President Randy Chin on the label's move to expand into the Motherland 

"We've reached out to everyone but they don't think of the theatre as a seriously important thing. But it is. It's more important that roads; it's more important than bridges. It's a very important thing. But they behave as if the arts is some sort of luxury. But they're not; they are absolutely fundamental to the development of any nation." Ward Theatre Foundation chairman, Dr. Jonathan Greenland, bemoaning the lack of corporate support for the restoration of the Ward Theatre 

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