Monday, 23 June 2014

COVER TO COVER: What's on your must-read list for the summer?

It's a truth universally acknowledged that there's hardly a better time than the summer to catch up on your reading. With this in mind, we sought out a few book lovers to hear what titles they'll be delving into this season, whether on the plane, at the beach, or on that road trip to Porti. Here are their top picks: 

"I'll be reading Pat Parker's Toby's Room. She is a novelist from England who has won the Booker Prize. She's written some amazing books, particularly on the First World War, the experiences of soldiers and their families. She's just written this new one and I'm loving it. It's about a woman who loses her brother in the war, so the book is dealing with how she copes with all the conflicting emotions." Dr. Jonathan Greenland, former Executive Director, National Gallery of Jamaica 
"What's The Future of Business? by Brian Solis. That's my pick. I bought it sometime last year but I'm hoping to get through it this summer. Hopefully. Nowadays my focus is entirely on growing my business [Phase 3 Productions], so I have to try and make time to get some reading done." Dr. Marcia Forbes, author and businesswoman 

"I have like two plastic bags of books that I bought at Calabash and I have to start reading them. The one I have out and actually have a book marker in is Dewbreaker by Edwidge Danticat. So I'm gonna start with that and work my way through the other 20 books I have to read, including Children of Sisyphus." Fabian Thomas, stage director and producer 

"I'm looking forward to reading Esther Figueroa's book Limbo, which I recently bought but haven't been able to sit down and read yet. I'm really looking forward to it." Jean Small, playwright and actress 

"I want to read a book on the archangels because I just got to know that the archangel Rafael is a special archangel for healing, so I want to read a book on him. Then I need to read up on vegan food because I recently changed my diet. It's been going good. Very strict." Rosina Moder, musician and educator 

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