Monday, 9 June 2014

FAR AND WIDE: Marc Evans brings his sharp lens and adventurous spirit to photography

STILL WATERS: Much of Evans' work, including 2013's Serpentine, captures nature's glory.

Some artists bide their time waiting for inspiration to fall squarely into their laps; other go out and seek, taking the bull by the horns so to speak. Marc Evans easily falls into that latter category, having taken up the habit of doggedly making his way around town, across valleys and plains, in search of lush outdoors and cool interiors to capture via his magnificent lens. 

His travels have certainly paid off, serving to refresh his eye and widen the spectrum of his best images. Brilliant work like the eerie old coffee-house he photographed up in the Blue Mountains. “I like to take the time and just drive around, and I happened to come across the structure way, way up in the hills. To get there you have to go through Buff Bay,” he says of discovering the off-the-beaten-path relic. 

“Sometimes the inspiration will come right away, and I’ll take the picture right then and there. And that was the case with this one,” adds Evans, who started snapping pics as a professional endeavour in 2010. And before the passion struck? “I was a businessman; I owned garages.” 

The talented lensman may be a debutante in the big leagues, but judging by the palpable spirit of adventure and wildly imaginative approach that characterizes his work, the contemporary arts community is very fortunate to have unearthed the burgeoning likes of him. 

Speaking of which, what does he make of Jamaica’s art scene du jour? “I think Jamaicans on a whole like art, and there is a lot of potential there,” Evans observes. “But, by nature, it is something that is dependent on the economy, so if the economy is not strong enough, it’s going to be tough for business.” 

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