Friday, 20 June 2014

FIRST LOOK: Taking Over transports fans deep inside T.O.K's orbit

LIFE OF THE PARTY: Group members having a whale of a time at a recent event.

Let's be clear: If there's one thing modern television viewers crave increasingly, it's an authentic glimpse into the lives of their favourite celebrities, particularly the down-to-earth type known for keeping it real. Locally, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more grounded and charismatic set of dudes than the T.O.K bandmates (Craig, Bay-C, Alex and Flexx), and you'll find plenty of proof in their buzzworthy new reality series Taking Over, airing on CVM this summer, starting in July.

"We all know T.O.K and what they represent. They're a brand and they have transcended all kinds of boundaries with their music and their style. And besides Jamaicans love reality TV," explains Ransford Ricketts, CVM's Programmes Manager who greenlit the series, convinced that its blend of star power and high entertainment value will woo tonnes of watchers. He has high hopes for the product. "Initially we were taking only 10 episodes, but we went back to the drawing board and decided to do a 13-episode series," Ricketts says. The half-an-hour show airs once per week, premiering shortly after the World Cup ends.

As with other reality shows that take an up-close-and-personal look at the lives of it subjects, Taking Over is a total immersion into T.O.K's world, revealing the bandmates in a whole new light, as it chronicles the essence of who they are not just as musicians (the tours, the studio time, the performances) but also as Jamaican men (kicking back, mischief-making, the drama).

In short, expect the unexpected. "You'll see them doing things that you never knew they could do. You realize that some of them can't even cook," assures Ricketts, alluding to the show's eclectic content, the kind of stuff devoted fans go in for. "You can expect the drama, the fun, the suspense and to learn more about the individuals in the group. It is one of those shows that the entire family can watch. Nothing is going to be PG-rated. It will appeal not just locally but internationally as well."

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