Thursday, 12 June 2014

RAZZLE DAZZLE: Jacqueline Hussey-Pearson fashions sea corral into wearable art

INTO THE BLUE: A talented jeweler draws inspiration from sea's bounty.

"One woman's garbage is another woman's treasure," beams Jacqueline Hussey-Pearson, referring to the sparkling set of jewels (made from corral and beachy refuseniks) that make up her debut collection of sea stones and precious gems, as dazzling and eye-catching as they are exquisite and ethereal.

As it turns out, a sea-side frolic birthed the inspiration for the pieces. "It was while strolling along the beach that I came across some interesting stones and corral. It was at Port Royal," the English-born artist-designer tells TALLAWAH. "I took the corral from the shore and some semi-precious pearls I had and decided to put the two of them together. And they seem to have paired like rice and peas."

The overall result? A sophisticated set of sparklers perfect for evening or when the occasion calls for a bit of bedazzlement.

A visual artist by profession and didgeridoo player at past-time, Jackie is so determined to spread the word about the collection she started nearly seven months ago, that she's begun channelling her inner social-meda savant. "I am excited about having people wear them finally. This is the first time they're being shown publicly," she confesses, holding court in her exquisitely done-up display booth at the Liguanea Art Festival recently. "I'm working on a Facebook page and it should be up and running soon so everyone can get their own seagem."

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