Monday, 16 June 2014

STAR TALK: Which style icon do you admire the most?

In honour of this month's Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW), we asked three of our favourite style-savvy actresses (Sharee McDonald-Russell, Sakina Deer and Camille Davis) to share their picks for today's most stylish icons. Here are their top choices:

"I love Dexter Pottinger. I think, both as a designer and style icon, he steps out of the box. I love his stuff. I also like Flowerchild, who dressed me for the Actor Boy Awards, and I saw some of NeahLis' stuff recently, but I never got to wear anything from her. Hopefully some day."
—  Sakina Deer

"Apart from the nude dress, I love Rihanna. I really like how daring she is. I appreciate the kinds of fashion risks she takes. And I also love Beyoncé's stage styling."
—  Sharee McDonald-Russell

"I like Lisa Hanna's dressing. I know that Keneea [Linton-George] dresses her, and I love Keneea's stuff. So to me everytime Lisa steps out she makes a statement."
—  Camille Davis 

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