Friday, 6 June 2014

TO TELL THE TRUTH: The gospel according to Cindy Breakspeare

HAVING HER SAY: “It’s my truth to tell, and it’s my story to tell as I choose.”

Cindy Breakspeare never batted an eyelash at the pesky chatter that played out in the wake of the 17th Bob Marley Lecture she delivered to a standing ovation at the UWI Mona Campus earlier this year. “Everybody can’t like what you do. If they do then you’re not doing anything. So you’re gonna have that little edge, that little controversy. You have to expect it,” she says reflecting on the strong reaction to her deeply personal presentation in a recent interview with TALLAWAH. With trademark candour and a hint of seriousness in her voice, she adds, “It’s my truth to tell, and it’s my story to tell as I choose. And other people don’t get to edit it; I get to do that.” 

That said, Miss Breakspeare is hard at work on the sequel, a hotly anticipated memoir about life with the Bob Marley she knew and loved that will reveal more, way more. “I am working on it. I can’t say exactly when it will be published though,” she says. “But for a while, even before the lecture I wondered if there would be any point to writing a book, would anybody really be interested. Well, now we have the answer to that.” That brings to two (for those keeping count) the number of Bob Marley-themed tomes on the horizon. Allan ‘Skill’ Cole is yet to release his long-promised The Bob Marley I Knew. 

For the former Miss World and mother of Grammy-winning virtuoso Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, the Marley connection (one of the brightest points of her life) will always hold an extra-special place in her heart. “It really was a tremendous privilege to have been close to someone that great. I doubt that will ever happen to me again in my life,” she reflects. “It was the reason I was invited to Carnival in Brazil in February, and so extraordinary things continue to happen to me because of it, and I embrace it fully.” 

If there’s just one other significant thing Cindy Breakspeare is embracing these days, it has to do with being poised to enter her sixth decade on the planet. “My resolution is to just try and live each day to the fullest,” the iconic beauty fesses up. “To try and find new things to be grateful for and to enjoy life to the max.” 

She lives by a simple yet ultimately profound philosophy when it comes to the whole idea of growing older. “When you’re 20 you expect to live another 50 years,” she emphasizes. “But when you get to 60, you know that the greater part of your life is over. So you just enjoy it.”

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