Wednesday, 18 June 2014

VOICE & SPEECH: Derrick Kellier + Maxi Priest + Kevin Smith + Kellie Magnus + PM Portia Simpson-Miller

"While child labour in Jamaica, estimated at 16, 240, could well be considered minor when compared to the worldwide impact of over 168 million cases, it is only through united and concerted global action that we will ever be able to eliminate this scourge to the progress of our people and the development of the nation..... As a signatory to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions that seek to eliminate child labour, Jamaica supports and is committed to extending social protection benefits as a means of keeping children out of child labour." Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Derrick Kellier, in his message to mark World Day Against Child Labour (June 12, 2014) 

"Instantly I fell in love with the song. With all songs, I try my best to make them my own whether I wrote them or not. But to perform any song, the song needs to feel like it's part of me, which is a very personal endeavour. It becomes a gift which I get to share with the world." Singer and CFW headliner Maxi Priest to the Wall Street Journal on covering John Mayer's "Gravity" for his new album Easy to Love (VP Records) 

"The vision of CGE is really to bring a cross-cultural musical experience every summer. We intend to replicate this tour throughout the Caribbean and through this continue to create avenues that educate and support youth and their various issues." Producer Kevin Smith on the mission behind the new music-and-ministry initiative Caribbean Gospel Escape (CGE) 

"I think there's a warped blend of humour and frustration and authenticity in the original that made it perfect for translation into patois. Even in English there's something about it the colour and the rhythm in the language that feels very Jamaican. It wasn't hard to imagine what a Jamaican parent would think in that situation and how he or she would express it in patois." Author Kellie Magnus on the appeal of the Jamaican version of the hit children's book Go The F**K to Sleep 

"Many of you have for decades voluntarily given of your time and resources beyond the call of duty, as dictated by your job descriptions. In addition to providing lunch money and bus fares from your personal funds to students in different economic situations, many of you provide extra lessons and provide other extra-curricular activities free of cost." Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller addressing Thursday's awards ceremony at Jamaica House, where 40 teachers were honoured for sterling contribution to the education sector 

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