Monday, 30 June 2014

WOMEN ON TOP: Christine Lagarde's cautious optimism + Anticipating a new-look Mission Catwalk + Shanique Myrie triumphs

PAID IN FULL: By now we're all fully versed in the shocking details of the Shanique Myrie saga and how her lengthy fight for justice cast her in the brutal glare of the media spotlight. But having survived such an ordeal to emerge whole, Myrie has become an inspiration and a symbol of courage for women everywhere. "If I did it, anybody else can do it," she said last week, after being informed that the Barbados government had, at long last, paid over the US$38,000 (J$4 million) in damages she is owed. Harking back to her March 2011 trip to the Caribbean territory that took a bizarre, humiliating turn at the airport, where she was subjected to a hostile strip search, Myrie recalled, "I was just a normal, innocent young lady going to Barbados with no bad intention whatsoever and they took advantage of me, and I stood up." Admittedly "relieved" that the nightmare is now behind her, she remains confident that her fight was worth it. "It just takes encouragement and effort," she said.

CHECKS AND BALANCES: The most powerful woman in global finance believes there's hope for Jamaica as far as our ailing economy is concerned. And while that's no cause for Gordon House celebration, Christine Lagarde's expression of optimism is certainly worth paying attention to and building on. "The economic outlook is promising. Compared to a year ago, growth has picked up, unemployment has declined, inflation has been brought under control and the current account deficit has shown an ongoing improvement," said the International Monetary Fund's Managing Director (pictured above with finance and planning minister, Dr. Peter Phillips), a guest of the Jamaican government on the weekend. "Much has been achieved and yet much remains to be done."

STYLE AND DESIGN: In case, like us, you wee left wondering what would become of Mission Catwalk after such mediocre ratings for Season Three, rest assured that the fashion-based reality series has still got some power left in the sewing machine. This past Monday, June 23, producers held a casting call for models on the grounds of UTech which we hear attracted a fair turnout. And the prizes set aside for the show's next champion designer feel more appealing than ever. This year's winner of Mission Catwalk (whose past top alums include Shenna Carby (above) and Gregory Williams) will walk away with, among other goodies, $1 million in cash, a scholarship to pursue studies in an international fashion programme, and internship, and contracts to sell their designs. Season 4 of the series, the brainchild of executive producer Keneea Linton-George, is expected to hit local TV screen by summer's end. 

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