Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A GIRL LIKE ME: Music lover Sharee McDonald-Russell plays Tessanne's greatest hits

BLACK GIRLS ROCK: Tessanne at a Beverly Hills performance. Inset, McDonald-Russell.

In honour of this month's release of Tessanne Chin's Count On My Love, we played jukebox with one of the singer's longtime admirers actress and music expert Sharee McDonald-Russell. Here, the star of this summer's Brotherly Love at Centrestage weighs in on five of the Reggae Sumfest headliner's biggest tunes:

1. "Hideaway"
It was like a new vibe. She sounded great, plus the mix of reggae, rock and dancehall deejaying was not something we had heard regularly from female artistes, so people felt that Tessanne had succeeded in bringing something fresh to the music scene. And I agree.

2. "Messenger"
What really worked for this song was not just the message but also the powerful fusion of rock and reggae that it had. Tessanne loves the reggae-rock sound, and it works for her because she has the voice to pull it off.

3. "Everything Reminds Me Of You"
I like this song. It has a nice midtempo feel that works really well for radio. And as the first song off her new album I think it's a great choice.

4. "Try"
She really made it her own.We all know Pink is a pop-rock singer with a big voice so the song was right in Tessanne's comfort zone.

5. "You and Me" (feat. Tami Chynn) 
I think they should work together more often. They have fantastic chemistry and the slow, kind of sultry vibe worked really, really well.

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