Thursday, 31 July 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: Wise words from Dr. Marion Bullock-DuCasse, Joan Flemmings, Kemar Bailey-Cole, Aston Cooke, and O'Dayne Richards

"This says that Jamaica is here to stay in the throwing world, and I did just that, and we're not just great in the sprints; we are making it difficult for the world to ignore us, the throwers. It gives me the confidence now that at a World Games it is possible for a Jamaican [shot-putter] to medal. I am looking forward to World Championship and Olympic gold in the future." 25-yeard-old O'dayne Richards, who won Jamaica's first-ever gold medal in the shot put at the Commonwealth Games

"I feel very good, very proud of where I am now to know that back then I was another contestant putting our my best effort. We came third back then. I've watched the babies grow over the years and to see this new set of young talents doing their thing feels amazing. I like the original songs and I like how they put themselves in it. My advice for them? Just be you and be original because everybody is special in their own way." Gospel legend Joan Flemmings, whose next album arrives in 2015, praising this year's crop of National Gospel Song finalists

"I always look forward to Mello Go Roun' because of the fact that you get a chance to see all of the winners in the different Festival programmes. A little dance, a little music, a little drama. I'm a Mello Go Roun' man. That's me." JCDC Chairman Aston Cooke on the high point of the annual Emancipendence activities

"I couldn't believe it, but I came out here to win, and I did just that. I had to power through when I saw everyone leaving, hold my composure and not panic. It feels pretty good because we are number one in sprints, and I wanted to keep that going." 100M Champion Kemar Bailey-Cole addressing reporters after his stellar gold-medal performance at the Commonwealth Games

"I want to urge persons who have travelled to chikungunya-affected countries and are experiencing symptoms on arrival in Jamaica to visit their doctor or the nearest health centre immediately. I also encourage them to cooperate with health personnel who are working to reduce the possibility of the spread and impact of the disease on the population." The health ministry's Dr. Mario Bullock-DuCasse issuing an urgent health advisory of national import 

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