Saturday, 26 July 2014

IN THE MIX: Atkinson nets silver for Team Jamaica + Bolt expresses cautious optimism

ACTION TIME: Per countless online reports, organizers of the just-opened Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, are beyond thrilled that the World's Fastest Man will be gracing the track at the championship (Bolt will compete in the sprint relay) in the hope that his presence will serve to heighten the global spotlight on the multi-disciplinary event. For his part, however, the iconic athlete remains focussed on staying injury-free as he gets his 2014 season underway, starting with that relay leg for Team Jamaica next weekend. "It's been rough," admits Bolt, who has foot surgery in March, in an interview for the UK's Telegraph, "but I've been through it a couple of time so I know what it takes to get back. So I'm just pushing on and working towards what's necessary for this season. Over the summer, we expect big things from the track superstar (pictured here at a Jamaican press conference in Glasgow on Saturday), who is no stranger to surprising the sporting world with jaw-dropping performances - on and off the track. 

SIZZLING START: "I am ecstatic, even though when I look back I wanted to win the gold medal," silver belle Alia Atkinson told reporters on Friday in response to her second-place finish (she very narrowly missed out on the gold) in the Women's 50M Breastroke Final at the TollCross International Swimming Centre during Day Two of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in Scotland. As Atkinson puts it, her medal hunt has only just begun. "This has work up a lion inside of me and I can't wait for the other events." Pictured above, the Jamaican pool princess poses alongside gold medallist Leiston Rickett and third-place finisher Corrie Scott. Meantime, Atkinson is not the only Jamaican off to an impressive start at the summer championships, as the Sunshin Girls have been busy stamping their class on the netball court, with easy dismissals of St. Lucia and Northern Ireland so far. Medal hopefuls putting in the work. 

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