Saturday, 12 July 2014

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Cliff Hughes brings his sharp focus and keen news instincts to daytime radio

POWER OF TWO: Hughes, with Miss Kitty inside the studios of Nationwide, July 2013.
Years from now how will Cliff Hughes be remembered most vividly? For starters, as the type of media man who dared to take risks and usually emerged on top. And a shrewd talent scout who gave quite a few fresh-out-of-college reporters their first big break. (His Nationwide News Network is bursting with exciting young "news hounds" as they've taken to calling themselves.)

One can't help following what Cliff Hughes does. As one of the most seasoned Jamaican journalists in the game, his foresight, intellect and incredible news instincts are just what mainstream media needs now. So his foray into daytime talk radio, as the host of Power 106's Cliff Hughes On-Line is a welcome addition to the airwaves.

Very much like the best shows of its kind, the call-in programme is aimed largely at responding to the hot-button issues of the day with no shortage of insight and thought-provoking analysis. Jamaican audiences of radio and television (TV J's Impact) alike have known him for years and have come to trust and respect the Hughes perspective. So we expect them to follow him on this latest adventure.

"It's about greater engagement in a democracy, greater engagement in building Project Jamaica," he recently told a Gleaner reporter. "I want a citizen who is going to be more informed and who will care more to ask more questions, better questions and demand greater accountability from those who have the privilege of leading this country."

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