Saturday, 23 August 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: Lisa Hanna bats for ALS research; Garnett Roper addresses bus fare-hike; Usain Bolt anticipates superb indoor run, and more

"I've never run indoors; I was always too tall. When I heard there was going to be a roof, I was looking forward to that." Sprint superstar Usain Bolt (during a press conference in Warsaw on Wednesday) on setting the scene for a superb performance at the 5th Annual Skolimowska Memorial meet in Poland. A day earlier Bolt marked his 28th birthday.

"I look at myself as the Batman of track a vigilante. You may not like me but I'm needed." Bolt's nemesis and embattled sprinter Justin Gatlin in a recent interview with the Associated Press

"We are writing a $10 million cheque each day to the commuting public..... We can't support the welfare from the state company. It is a foolish argument to suggest that we shouldn't increase bus fares because if we don't then we would have to find the revenue to pay the cost of fuel." JUTC Chairman, Dr. Garnett Roper, addressing the bust fare-hike backlash in a Gleaner interview

"Entertainers and others who plan to travel to affected areas of West Africa should reconsider as they would potentially be putting themselves at risk of contracting the Ebola virus and spreading it to other persons on their return to Jamaica. The ministry continues to warn against non-essential travel to reduce the risk of their health and the health of their families. Persons who have to travel to these areas are advised not to handle dead animals and not to have any direct contact with persons who may be infected or could have been in contact with an infected person." Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, issuing an advisory aimed at those who may be flying off to the Ebola-affected areas of Africa

"We live in a world where strong images have become important. If they are not unique or somewhat exciting, then people don't stop to pay attention. ALS is an awful disease and has been around for a long time. I know two people suffering from it. More time, research and awareness need to be given to finding a cure." Youth and culture minister, Lisa Hanna, on why she joined the scores of influential global figures taking the Ice Bucket Challenge 

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