Friday, 29 August 2014

CHAT 'BOUT: Tuition fees, fare-hike protests and CPL cricket shape this week's conversation

"The CPL has succeeded in reinvigorating the passion for cricket across the region and has, in two short years, established its own distinctive brand and earned exciting market capital. Nothing must be done to impair its image or erode its credibility." Head of the Caribbean Premier League's Cricket Tournament Committee, P. J. Patterson, on why the league is an asset to the regional sport 

"Last year, for the first time, the Minister of Education paid for all CSEC and CAPE students [wards of the state], and so we are now able to track the number of students who are doing exams, who have passed, and what they are doing. So we are seeing the need to provide scholarships for them to pursue their tertiary education." CEO of the Child Development Agency, Rosalee Gage-Grey, addressing the recent inaugural National Children's Summit at the Jamaica Conference Centre

"I am pleased with these schools and teachers that have been following the ministry's directive, but I am frowning at those institutions that have been inconsiderate and disobedient. This [study] is the clearest indication, for all the reasons that we know, that there should be extreme restraint in requiring many textbooks." Education minister Ronald Thwaites in response to the 2014 Consumer Affairs Commission Annual School Textbook Survey, carried out between July 29 and August 7 

"Our children, over the last two years, have been doing very well and that is because of the programmes that we have implemented. We now have children getting 10 ones and four CAPE subjects. We have students getting into Law school. So now we have to try and find ways to pay for their school fees." Youth and Culture minister Lisa Hanna on the government's challenge of funding the external exam fees for wards of the state 

"We have made a statement. We have to now look at the government's response and then we decide where to proceed from here. We have a number of activities that we have to plan before going into conference. Depending on the circumstances we may have to protest again. I don't know, but we are mobilized." Opposition spokesman on transport, Dr. Horace Chang, in the wake of this week's JLP-led protests against JUTC bus fare increases

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