Tuesday, 19 August 2014

STAR TALK: What do you remember most vividly about receiving your CXC results?

That span between sitting the May/June CSEC/CXC Examinations and awaiting the arrival of the results over the summer break is one of the most nerve-wracking, nail-biting periods for many a Jamaican teenager. Here, a few noted names all grown up now reflect on that suspense-filled time in their childhoods.

Hon. Robert Pickersgill, MP North-West St. Catherine
Alma mater: Clarendon College
"Preparation was the key. I remember going under the street lights in Chapelton to study. It was quite competitive in those days. When the time came for the results to be revealed it was the most suspenseful time of my young life. The headmaster would come and read the results, and for those who did well, you looked forward to seeing your name published in the newspaper."

Paul Newman, dancer and choreographer
Alma mater: Excelsior High
"I remember the anticipation of waiting to find out how I did on the exams. The suspense was nerve-wracking. And then it was over, and it felt like one more hurdle I'd gotten over. In school I think I was a disciplined student and so that helped me to overcome a lot of those moments."

Stephanie, singer and songwriter
Alma mater: The Queen's School
"I was blown away. First of all, when I did the Common Entrance I got to go the school that was my first choice. And when I did my CXC and the results came it was a similar feeling. I studied really, really hard and the hard work paid off. My parents were elated."

Kerry-Ann Henry, Head of the EMC School of Dance
Alma mater: Campion College
"For me, it was interesting time because before the exams I was extremely nervous, and when the time came to hear the results you got nervous all over again. But I did well, and that's when I first learned that worrying is not helpful at all. It's better to do the hard work and the rest will take care of itself."

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