Thursday, 4 September 2014

SPEAKERS' CORNER: Schoolboy football, Ryan Mark's new misson, and the scourge of crime make salient talking points

"We know that there are currently underway attempts to quantify the effects of crime and violence on our nation's economy and its development, which underscores its seriousness. But is is also true that if one pays attention to aspects of the mass media one often gets the impression that the only thing happening in this country is in the realm of crime and violence." Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Rev. Dr. Howard Gregory, in his sermon at a service on Sunday to mark the 180th anniversary of the Gleaner company 

"I encourage all the stakeholders to be mindful of the fact that this is a schoolboy competition characterized by friendly rivalry. So fasten the proverbial seatbelts and enjoy the excitement of the 2014/15 competition." ISSA President, Dr. Walton Small, launching schoolboy football season at the Terra Nova recently 

"I am going to try a little experiment, a new approach to learning to bring out the creative output of the students and expand on the technology here to include recording, sound design and composition. Other people in the world are doing it, and they are loving the music and making a living from it. Folk music is so powerful, but we do not know what we have here." Music educator Michael Sean Harris on applying to the classroom techniques acquired at Berklee Valencia's inaugural Master's degree programme 

"Persons can come with the expectation to be blessed by God. It's not a Ryan Mark ministry; it's the ministry of God. I want to get the youths actively involved. The pastor's walk is not easy, but whatever comes up God will equip me. [He] can use this ministry to impact Jamaica in a positive way. I'm an artiste who is now stepping into a pastoral role. I'm not doing it for money; I'm doing it because this is the call that God has placed on my heart." Gospel deejay Ryan Mark Reynolds on his mission as head of the newly formed Pure Heart Ministries International 

"Schoolboy football is not something we can put our pots on the fire for, in terms of surety, but I think if we can get in good, consistent performances then we will be in the mix." Clarendon College's Patrick 'Jackie' Walters on his team's chances of winning the 2014 daCosta Cup title

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