Wednesday, 29 October 2014

BOOK WE LIKE: Ode to Miss Lou puts a refreshing spin on our legacy and language

COVER TO COVER: Davis' book inspires reflection on our greatest cultural heroine.

A breezy new pageturner for culture buffs and collectors is Ode to Miss Lou: From the Soul of Dr. Sue (Words 2 Print Media Group) by Susan Lycett Davis Ed.D, which pays humorous and heartfelt tribute to the memory and legacy of Louise Bennett Coverley.

In some 50 poems honouring what the late folklorist gave us, the island that birthed her, and our native tongue, Davis delivers witty and clever verse that not only inspire reflection but manage to speak more broadly about who we've become as a people and where we are heading triumphantly, as we look to the next 50 years and beyond.

Among the highlights "Mek Patois Reign", "Now-a-days Hairdresser" and "I Am Jamaica" — sturdy and well-crafted pieces that capture fascinating aspects of island life. How blessed we are as a people is what you'll think about while reading Ode to Miss Lou.

But don't just take my word for it. Comedy king Oliver Samuels, one of our living legends who knew Miss Lou best, delivers the introduction and endorsements come from icons like Easton Lee. "Those of us who have been influenced directly by the Hon. Miss Lou, as well as Jamaicans everywhere, owe her our gratitude. She opened our eyes and our ears to what's truly and uniquely Jamaican," Lee says. "So Dr. Sue, we welcome this new book and companion CD that so radiantly capture the spirit and essence of Miss Lou."

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